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Publisher: Penguin Group (USA) Incorporated
Format: pdf
Page: 304
ISBN: 9781594203305

Jeet Thayil "Narcopolis" (Faber & Faber) Narcopolis: A Novel by Jeet Thayil I took me awhile to complete this novel. Title: Narcopolis Author: Jeet Thayil Publisher: Faber & Faber Rating: 7/10. Religion, politics, addiction, sex, and violence are all there too. I am reproducing a review and an interview with him that was published earlier in the year.) Baptised into One Body. I want an assault on my senses or my money back. Narcopolis Jeet Thayil Publisher: Penguin Group (USA) Incorporated. Download Narcopolis: A Novel 'Narcopolis': Inside India's Dark Underbelly : NPR Purchase Featured Books. I'm going to India for the first time in September next year. The narrator of Narcopolis is a dream seeker and a journalist, one who beautifies the sleazy opium dens and whorehouses, turning it into, more or less, his Golden Age. Narcopolis: A Novel book download. I'm delighted to announce that Jeet Thayil's 'Narcopolis' has been voted winner of the second MAN Asian 'Shadow' Prize. Narcopolis is about drugs, specifically but not exclusively opium, though if you hadn't worked that out from the cover or title I'm not sure there's much more to be gained from continuing this conversation. I want it to be full on, full time. You'd think a title like Narcopolis would prepare you for a tale of drugs in a big city, but there is much more to Jeet Thayil's novel than that. A former drug addict from India turns his experiences with drugs into a poignant novel about a neighborhood that bonds via a drug parlor. Finishing this book means that I have now read half of the books on the Man Booker Prize shortlist. ISBN: 9781594203305 | 304 pages | 8 Mb. (Congratulations to Jeet Thayil for being shortlisted for the ManBooker Prize yesterday. Narcopolis, the debut novel from jack-of-all-arts Jeet Thayil, is traumatizing and terrifyingly enjoyable. Spanning the course of a few decades, Jeet Thayil's debut novel, Narcopolis, guides readers through a dreamlike exploration of Bombay's seedy brothels and opium dens.

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